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Australian Standard AS/NZS 60079.0:2012 defines a hazardous area as:

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“an area in which an explosive atmosphere is present, or may be expected to be present, in quantities such as to require special precautions for the construction, installation and use of electrical apparatus”

If this is your premises or sounds like it could be an issue for you, we can help. We have certified personnel who can supply, install & maintain EEHA installations. Our guys can also assemble & update your dossier, or if you don’t have one, we can assist in gathering all the relevant information to help you along the way to compliance.

All Hazardous Areas must be classified. If you are unsure about the requirements or process, we can assist in getting your facility classified by experts who can provide classification documents & drawings outlining the exact hazards at your particular facility. This can provide you peace of mind & create a pathway to allow you to comply with insurances & relevant standards. Most importantly, we can help to keep your staff and your assets safe from exposure to potential explosions.

Below are a few of the many examples of where Hazardous Areas exist:

Process plants
Fume or exhaust extraction systems
Gas production, handling and storage facilities
Waste pits subject to oils, fuels and chemicals
Gas, fuel & chemical skids
Sugar, grain & wheat facilities
Fuel handling and storage facilities
Chemical handling & storage facilities
Coal Mines
Facilities where activities result in fine particles
Paint booths

Minelec have completed Hazardous Area installations, upgrades, maintenance and & repairs in various environments including those listed above.

Call Minelec to discuss your requirements, with our experience and attention to detail in this specialist field, we are ready to assist at your facility or on your next project

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