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We can determine what maintenance levels are required
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Maintenance equals longevity

Electrical Maintenance plays an important role in the reliability, longevity and total cost of ownership for an entire installation and even individual pieces of equipment.

Electrical Maintenance can also be a statutory or insurance requirement to have equipment tested or inspected by a qualified person based on time or use intervals. Whatever the reasons, Minelec has the experience to determine the appropriate level of maintenance each facility or piece of equipment will require and the suitable resources to ensure it is done correctly.

In business, time is money, and the Minelec team can ensure that planned electrical maintenance minimises downtime and maximises the efficiency of your equipment and services.

Proper electrical maintenance at correct intervals by qualified workers is also a statuatory requirement in most operations. We also offer a 24/7 callout service if our clients request it.

Extensive experience in the electrical maintenance field
  • Service and maintenance agreements
  • Statutory maintenance
  • Preventative and corrective maintenance
  • Thermal imaging
  • Test and tag
  • Safety switch testing
  • Repair retrofit and upgrades
  • Shutdown and breakdowns
  • Emergency work
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Industrial Electrician Townsville
Minelec has a strong reputation for delivering projects and working closely with our customers
Commercial Electrician Townsville
Electrical Maintenance plays an important role in the reliability, longevity and total cost of ownership
Switchboards Townsville
High Voltage
We have accredited and experienced personnel for construction and maintenance activities on systems up to 22kV
High Voltage Electrical Townsville
Hazardous Area
Electrical equipment located in hazardous locations must meet special requirements and be installed by qualified personnel


Minelec is a privately owned and operated Electrical Contractor with over thirty years of contracting experience. Established in Townsville in 1991, we provide services through arrangements that include tendered or quoted projects, service contracts/agreements and schedule of rates agreements as required to meet each of our client’s individual needs.

With the company operating from a 5000m2 base facility in Townsville and a branch in Mackay, Minelec is well positioned to uphold our strong track record of effective service delivery throughout Northern and Central Queensland.

Our team is focused on providing customers with practical and cost-effective solutions and their knowledge and skill are supported by comprehensive management systems and ongoing training.


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